Into the Soul - Spiritual Poetry

These poems are what arrive when I invite that "something deeper" to speak - that blessed madness that spins planets and curls toes. Feel free to share your thoughts on them. (...and thanks for all the great feedback. I don't always have time to comment back -- but know that I am most grateful!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Planets and Poems

on this earth -

lover's moon
gazing down
whispering her reassurances
in beams of light and
arcing and ebbing ocean tides

you stand inside me,
the millisecond before
"let there be..."
intoned a world into motion

a sky before a sky

the God before God

towns that blaze eternal
from inner light
beg to call you their home

like some palm branch
making love to a passing breeze.

it's you,
ya know

it's ALL you.

my sweet,

there's a game we can't
seem to stop playing

that always
leaves us


in planets

and poems.


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