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These poems are what arrive when I invite that "something deeper" to speak - that blessed madness that spins planets and curls toes. Feel free to share your thoughts on them. (...and thanks for all the great feedback. I don't always have time to comment back -- but know that I am most grateful!)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

OK, Try This...

It all began like clear glass -
a reflection without
anything yet to reflect

the meandering meadows
were the first to arrive.
blazing flowers -
marigolds and whisps of lavender

white snow-flecked petals
gave way to what we now
refer to as "morning"

It was Tuesday,
to get specific -
although the term "Tuesday"
wasn't yet coined

then I appeared

not so much "appeared"
as realized I was standing there

ahhh yes,
taking in that first sweet morning -
the sun "just so" in the sky

and a thought of oceans

yes! "oceans!"

then a huge tale overtook the foam, breaching

a "whale"

although he referred to himself as "Ned"
back in those days.

There was just one of him, you understand

in fact, the concept of more than one of
any animal wasn't something that
occurred to me until much later

still, I can't say much
for the world back then...

no ferris wheels or shopping malls

no complicated plot structures or
wicker furniture

no multi-attachment bagless
water-based vacuum cleaners
invented by some guy
with a thick indiscernible
Eastern European accent

not even the concept of "eastern" existed yet

We're talking "way back"

Still though, the essence was there -

and a determined desire to manifest something
out of nothing.

And Love...

Yes! Love was there.

She's pretty much the one that got it all rolling

In fact, there's this little kind of "trick" I know...

Ya see,
Love always leaves a little "calling card"
to ensure her presence was noted -

although, most tend to overlook the obvious

all that is needed is a little quieting down --
becoming still - where ever you find yourself...
just focusing on that space in between thoughts -
in between you and everything else

that place where "I" becomes "other"

the place where "I" stops being "I"
and just is

yes, I think you've got it!

Now, just stay right there...



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